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Popular Questions

Who is Silversea Cruise Sale?

Are you the cruise line?
Why should I book my cruise through you instead of the cruise line?
Where are you located and how many employees do you have?
Do you charge booking fees?

First-Time Cruisers

Is Cruising Expensive?
Will I be bored?
Will I get seasick?
Is cruising safe?
Can I get a special diet?
What should I pack?

Before the Cruise

Will I be able to change currency on board?
Do I need Inoculations and/or Visas for my voyage?
How many formal nights are on my cruise, and what type of clothing is worn?
Does Silversea offer tuxedo rental service?
How can I pre-arrange my spa appointments?
Is there a charge for cancelling spa/salon appointments?
Where will I be met when arriving at the airport?
Are children permitted aboard Silversea's ships?

All Inclusive/Shore Excursion Details

What's included in my all-inclusive fare?
When are shore excursions available to book?
Is there a charge for cancelling booked excursions?
Shore excursions for my voyage itinerary are not yet available. Is it possible to see shore excursions that might be offered in these ports?

Smoking Policy

What is Silversea's smoking policy?

On Board and Dining Services

Are there any children's programs or babysitting services on board?
Is there laundry service on board?
What is the electricity voltage in my suite?
Are there irons available?
Can I get a cash advance on the ship?
Are newspapers available onboard?
Are dining tables and seating times assigned?
Does The Restaurant have tables for two?
May I make reservations in the specialty restaurants prior to embarkation?
Will there be Gentlemen Hosts be on my cruise?
I would like to golf during my cruise. Can Silversea arrange tee times?
I have allergies. Can special detergent be used to wash my sheets and towels?

Communication Services

Is there Internet service on board?
What is the charge for Internet service?
Is there cell phone service on the ship?
How can someone contact me on the ship?

Ship Details

How many passengers does each Silversea ship accommodate?
What is the square footage of each suite?
Can we have 3 passengers in a suite?

Health and Medical

Is there a doctor on board?
Are there wheelchairs on board for general use by guests?
Are there medical conditions that must be disclosed to Silversea?