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Silversea Expeditions - Brisish Isles

Tour Europe's wild fringes to discover natural beauty, human history, and captivating myths. Visit the Callanish Stones, walk the famous Giant's Causeway, and visit the stunning monastery at Mont Saint-Michel.

Silver Discoverer - Silversea Expeditions

Silversea's loyal following of adventure travelers can explore the remote archipelagos of the vast Pacific aboard the sleek, 120-guest Silver Discoverer. She's the perfect platform for viewing these untamed landscapes, with all ocean-view suites and plenty of deck space so that a breaching whale or a pod of dolphins is always within sight. Silver Discoverer’s fleet of 12 Zodiacs and a glass-bottom boat allows guests to land on isolated shores and explore wetlands and submerged ecosystems, up-close and in-depth.

The World of Silversea

Eight ships. Seven continents. Infinite possibilities.

Come away with Silversea on a virtual voyage and discover an experience beyond the boundaries of traditional and expected. From uncompromising service to the luxurious freedom of an all-inclusive lifestyle, Silversea has perfected the art of travel. Savour multiple restaurants, the flexibility of open-seating dining, and exquisite gourmet meals with menu selections inspired by the Grands Chefs Relais & Chateaux. All accommodations are sumptuous ocean-view suites, most have private verandas, and all offer the ultimate travel luxury of professional butler service. Silversea ships are exceptionally spacious with plenty of quiet corners and inviting lounges for socialising with like-minded fellow guests from around the globe who foster a convivial, cosmopolitan ambience. Upon arriving in each fascinating destination, Silversea truly shines with exclusive excursions and personalised touches for the most memorable of shoreside experiences.

Silversea Expeditions - Antarctica

Experience this glittering white wilderness, observing the same sights early explorers saw over a century ago. As you explore this final frontier of travel, you will see seals sunbathing, penguins playing and whales emerging from the frigid, iceberg-strewn waters. You will witness a world almost untouched by man.

Silver Galapagos

It is one of the most amazing destinations in the world, a fascinating marriage of science and wonder where you can witness first-hand the forces that created the very planet we live on. The Galapagos Islands are a pristine sanctuary of unique and uniquely fearless animals, many that can be found nowhere else on earth. And now aboard Silver Galapagos, you can experience this wonderland of wildlife and natural history with a degree of luxury that is simply unmatched.

Silver Galapagos - Wildlife

Due to their remote location, the Galápagos Islands are home to an abundant variety of unique wildlife -- species found nowhere else on earth. And now, you can explore this remarkable destination in way that too is unlike any other. Introducing Silversea Expeditions' new ship, the refined Silver Galapagos, offering 7-day itineraries in the Galápagos.