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Silversea - Asia & Far East

Asia is a complex and culturally diverse land of adventure and history – from modern cities to ancient civilizations, there is something for every explorer. Experience the customs, culture and cuisine…

Asia has always filled Westerners with a sense of wonder and wild adventure, and a cruise through the Far East allows you to experience the culture, cuisine and customs of some of the world’s most distinct destinations from the comfort of your own floating luxury hotel. A land of diversity and dichotomy, Asia is a roller coaster ride of exploration and relaxation and perfect for anyone with a little time and an instinct for travel.

From the shop-til-you-drop metropolises of Shanghai, Tokyo or Bangkok to the rural river landscapes of Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar to the ancient beauty of India and the Philippines, our cruise insiders can answer all your questions about traveling to Asia and help you craft the perfect Far East experience.

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1 - 20 of 46