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Destination Arrival Departure
Reykjavik   Aug 15th, 2022 07:00PM
Westman Islands Aug 16th, 2022 06:30AM Aug 16th, 2022 03:30PM
Djupivogur Aug 17th, 2022 07:00AM Aug 17th, 2022 01:00PM
Torshavn, Faroe Islands Aug 18th, 2022 09:00AM Aug 18th, 2022 04:30PM
Papa Stour Aug 19th, 2022 06:30AM Aug 19th, 2022 10:30AM
Foula Aug 19th, 2022 03:45PM Aug 19th, 2022 10:00PM
Kirkwall (Orkney Islands) Aug 20th, 2022 07:00AM Aug 20th, 2022 05:00PM
Shiant Islands Aug 21st, 2022 05:30AM Aug 21st, 2022 11:00AM
Dunvegan Aug 21st, 2022 02:00PM Aug 21st, 2022 10:30PM
Loch Scavaig Aug 22nd, 2022 06:30AM Aug 22nd, 2022 12:30PM
Canna Aug 22nd, 2022 02:30PM Aug 22nd, 2022 08:30PM
St. Kilda, Scotland Aug 23rd, 2022 06:30AM Aug 23rd, 2022 01:00PM
Boreray Aug 23rd, 2022 02:00PM Aug 23rd, 2022 04:00PM
Iona Aug 24th, 2022 06:00AM Aug 24th, 2022 12:30PM
Lunga Aug 24th, 2022 02:30PM Aug 24th, 2022 08:00PM
Duart Castle Aug 25th, 2022 06:30AM Aug 25th, 2022 12:00PM
Arduaine Aug 25th, 2022 02:30PM Aug 25th, 2022 08:00PM
Port St. Mary Aug 26th, 2022 07:00AM Aug 26th, 2022 12:30PM
Calf of Man Aug 26th, 2022 02:00PM Aug 26th, 2022 08:00PM
Dublin Aug 27th, 2022 06:30AM